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언어학과 언어교육분야의 연구를 통한 학문의 질적 향상과 국내외 회원 및 학회간 학술 교류와 친목을 도모


언어학연구, Vol.22 no.3 (2017)

Application of Formative Assessment to College English Writing Teaching -- A case study in Yanbian University in China

Song Hua

(Yanbian University)

English plays an overwhelming role in achieving the communication and idea exchange among people. English writing is a skill of output, which can reflect one’s comprehensive cultural competence and logic thinking ability. There is no doubt that English writing is one s kill which can be acquired only in a hard and long way. As one means of expression, writing helps people to make a direct communication with each other without restriction of time and place, which can witness the lighting up the flame of thinking and penetrating ideas. In sharp contrast with the importance of English writing, students in the universities and colleges show an indifferent attitude towards English writing, mostly caused by the reason that the universities adapt the traditional English teaching method and evaluation. This research applies the formative assessment into English writing process tentatively and tries to explore the influence that formative assessment exerts on students' writing proficiency. The author proposed that formative assessment attaches more importance to the process of learning, with multiple types and tools of assessing to provide timely and effective feedback to facilitate teaching and learning.

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