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언어학과 언어교육분야의 연구를 통한 학문의 질적 향상과 국내외 회원 및 학회간 학술 교류와 친목을 도모


언어학연구, Vol.24 no.3 (2019)

Lexical Bundles in the Spoken Discourse of Native and Nonnative Speakers of English

Sujung Woo

(Konyang University / Professor)

The present study explores the lexical bundles in the spoken discourse of native and Korean learners of English to examine how they are similar and different in structural and functional distribution. The results show that only a few lexical bundles are in common between the two groups, and the frequency distribution of the common bundles is significantly different. Moreover, it is found that there are three major characteristics in the use of lexical bundles in the Korean learners’ spoken discourse. First of all, the Korean learners tend to overuse certain bundles such as I think it is, I agree with the, and bundles with particular connectors such as and, and so. Second, they rely heavily on a small set of lexical bundles which indicates that they possess limited repertoire of lexical bundles. Lastly, the Korean learners’ lexical bundles are more formal than those in the native speakers’ spoken discourse. It is attributed to exposure of formal expressions through textbooks rather than colloquial expressions. The results of the present study also support the idea that the lexical bundles should be underlined in the second and foreign language education.

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