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언어학과 언어교육분야의 연구를 통한 학문의 질적 향상과 국내외 회원 및 학회간 학술 교류와 친목을 도모


pISSN: 1226-9859

언어학연구, Vol.25 no.1 (2020)

혼혈 이중언어화자들의 불안정한(unbalanced) 이중언어 습득 과정에 대한 연구


(Ewha Womans University )

The purpose of this paper is to investigate an unbalanced bilingual acquisition process of bilinguals with multiethnic heritage. It focuses on bilinguals who have been exposed to two languages in their early childhood but whose linguistic input and language acquisition have been interrupted or reduced mainly because of social environment adaptation, school adjustment, parental interference, and language confusion issues. However, in depth interview results show that research participants want to maintain their two native languages for such reasons as family communication and preservation of ethnic identity. Research participants were asked to evaluate their language ability and performance. This study suggests that the unbalanced bilingual acquisition of the individuals with multiethnic heritage should be analyzed along with social, family, and personal factors that can influence language attitude and language acquisition process.

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