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언어학과 언어교육분야의 연구를 통한 학문의 질적 향상과 국내외 회원 및 학회간 학술 교류와 친목을 도모


pISSN: 1226-9859

언어학연구, Vol.26 no.1 (2021)

DOI : 10.21291/jkals.2021.26.1.1

제주어 보전과 부흥 - 의료기관에서의 제주어 사용 -


(제주대학교 인문과학연구소 연구원)


(제주한라대학교 관광일본어과 교수)

To preserve Jejueo, it is recognized as an important problem to respond to Jejueo at medical institutions used by the elderly who speak Jejueo a lot. Therefore, this study intends to create a practical manual by reconstructing the Jejueo for smooth communication in the medical field. To analyze the overall status of Jejueo used in medical institutions, this paper conducted a survey of people living in Jeju-do and using hospitals, medical institutions, and medical institutions. The survey was conducted with a total of 123 people, 34 men, and 89 women. By presenting the need for Jejueo awareness in practice, the current status of Jeju language education, and the need for Jeju language education for workers in the medical field, it was intended to provide directions to help preserve and revive Jejueo. This study is considered to be a meaningful study that helps workers who treat in emergency medical fields and medical fields communicate with users of Jejueo. Besides, these efforts are expected to create a foundation for preserving Jejueo, and to facilitate language communication between migrants and Jeju residents as well as generations.

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