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pISSN: 1226-9859

언어학연구, Vol.26 no.1 (2021)

DOI : 10.21291/jkals.2021.26.1.9

A Corpus-based Study of the Source Words for Loanwords of the 2015 Revised National Curriculum of English

Jiyong Lee

(Konkuk University / Postdoctoral researcher)

As a follow-up of Lee’s (2020) investigation of whether the 200 English source words in the 2015 RNCE and their Korean counterparts are true cognates that are used commonly in every day life, the present study aimed to conduct a more in-depth analysis of these 200 source words. Based on the corpora of curriculum-based secondary English textbooks, the frequencies and overall distributions of these source words were examined, along with their usage coefficient values. Findings indicated that the selection criteria for the inclusion of source words in the RNCE should be more rigorous than they were for the 2015 RNCE. Because quite many of the source words in the 2015 RNCE are in fact words that L2 Korean learners of English should learn as a new vocabulary word at an appropriate level of learning, it is crucial that thorough investigations are conducted regarding the criteria by which words are selected as the source words of the RNCE.

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