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언어학과 언어교육분야의 연구를 통한 학문의 질적 향상과 국내외 회원 및 학회간 학술 교류와 친목을 도모


pISSN: 1226-9859

언어학연구, Vol.26 no.2 (2021)

DOI : 10.21291/jkals.2021.26.2.2

영어어휘의 어원적 의미에 담긴 서구적 사고관 연구


(제주대학교 교수)

The purpose of this paper is to examine the Western points of view implied in the etymological meanings of some English words and compare them with the Korean and Oriental traditional points of view. The points of view are divided into two categories: five primary points of view(view of human beings, view of life, view of value, view of world, view of nature) and four secondary points of view(moral point of view, educational point of view, religious point of view, political point of view). Greek Roman culture, Hebraism and Christianity were fundamental elements in forming the Western points of view, as Buddhism and Confucianism were major ones in forming the Korean and Oriental points of view. Results of this study suggest three cases to be distinguished: (ⅰ) cases having similar aspects, (ⅱ) cases having similar but different aspects (ⅲ) cases having different aspects, while describing the contrasting features systematically.

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